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 “Want to remember it? D. Jenner it!”

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. I started shooting professional pole dancing champions in 2007. I am really excited for the growth of the sport over the last few years. Pole dancing will be an Olympic sport in the very near future. Pole dancing has been gaining much recognition via “America’s Got Talent” and shows of this nature from all around the world. Pole dancing studios are spreading like wild fires all across the globe. If you are a pole dancer or pole studio owner I hope I will get the chance to work with you in the very near future. To stay current with my recent projects follow me on twitter  or Facebook.

Pole Art

Some people have never seen pole art. I was lucky enough to see “Pole Art 2012” in Stockholm, Sweden! Oh what a beautiful country. I am so grateful to have seen this place with my own eyes. I also had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite pole artist’s, the amazing Anastasia Skukhtorova while I was there. What a beautiful and wonderful performance she gave that night. I will let you be the judge, is this Art?